CHAMPS Trade Show 2018 Las Vegas

CHAMPS Trade Show 2018 Las Vegas

5 Reasons to Attend Champs Trade Show: 

Outside of having a blast with Las Vegas night life gambling, drinks, and watching amazing performances. CHAMPS TRADE SHOW happening twice a year, February and July, all of the business owners that are in the business of smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, pro cannabis, vape, smoke accessories and glass water pipe wholesale and retail come together to network and purchase for their stores.  Also meet with new vendors to check out new cutting edge vape mods, new juice flavors, hemp, glass water pipes, rigs, bubblers, hand pipes, bowls, down stems, ash catchers at great wholesale prices and products to restock for their stores.

1. Meet with Established Waterpipe Vendors to Place Re-Orders

When running a business, it’s always important to keep your inventory level in stock. Especially when you have products that sell quickly and is profitable. At Champs, you meet with your wholesale vendors to restock on any items that did well in the store, to place a re order on those items and make sure the cash flow and products are constantly moving in and out. For some headshops and smokeshops, water pipes, rigs, handpipes, are everyday items that sell consistently. At Champs, you can buy wholesale water pipes, rigs, hand pipes, ash catchers, and more products for great prices to keep your margins healthy for your store sales.


2. Find Top Brands to Carry for your store

With over 500 vendors, CHAMPS TRADE SHOW is a 3 day event. Usually taking up to 2 days to walk the floor and visit the exhibitors booths and displays. You can find leading glass water pipe brands and manufacturers such as  Illadelph, MAVERICK Glass, GRAV Lab, Diamond Glass, and AMG. These top industry water pipe wholesalers and distributors are known for their high quality products, hot selling designs, and great wholesale prices.  They carry a wide range of excellent items such as: water pipes, tubes, beakers, straights, and functional pieces with percs, chambers, matrix, and waffle style. Outside of that the medium to small size items such as rigs, dabbers, oil rigs, bubblers, recyclers, of all price range from expensive to cheap. Some of the brands even offer cash and carry, allowing customers to purchase items for a great price on the third day of the show.




3. Find Great Deals at Wholesale Prices 

If you want to get the hook up, special prices, and buy fancy glass water pipes at wholesale pricing. CHAMPS Trade show is the place to go. For smokeshop and headshop stores, water pipe wholesalers usually offer a show discount, depending on your negotiating skills, you may also be able to haggle the price for even cheaper! If you are a waterpipe  and smoke accessories wholesaler or distributor, typically you can get up to 20-30% volume discount with your vendors. Normally all orders ship within 3-5 business days after the show.

4. Stay in the Loop

With all the technology going on nowadays, improvements in products and services are changing faster than ever. Don’t get left behind, a good reason to show up to CHAMPS Tradeshow is to stay in the loop of what’s going on in the smoke accessories and water pipe industry. New glass water pipes, new designs, and new functionalities.



5. Enjoy Meeting New People

In the midst of doing business, it’s never bad to meet new people and friends in the business. Have a few drinks and a few hits of smoke, talk about how to grow your business. You never know who you will run into next that can potentially work with you and become a resource to your business. Business cards, Instagram, working pens, ID badge, and a working email is essential.

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